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Leasing vs Financing at Jim Clark Chevrolet

Buying or leasing a vehicle in Junction City, KS, is stress-free when you shop at our dealership near Manhattan, KS. Our team of finance experts will work with and guide you through your financing options to help you find the best loan or lease terms that fit your budget and your lifestyle.

Why Shop at Our Dealership?

We are the go-to dealership for drivers that are shopping for new and used vehicles. Our sales and finance teams work hard to ensure you feel valued through our casual and informative sales process. The only thing more generous than our customer service and exciting inventory of automobiles is the multitude of finance options we present to our customers.

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Is Purchasing Your Vehicle Right for You?

The best part about an advantageous loan for your vehicle is the ownership status you achieve once your payments are complete. As the owner, you can make all of the decisions about how it gets used. Throughout the time you have the auto, you can journey as much as you would like and carry out modifications as you wish. When you are ready to move on to another automobile, you can trade it back to our dealership, privately sell it to another party, or pass it on to a friend or family member.

At our dealership, we sell popular vehicles that can serve you well for many years. When you buy a quality vehicle from us, you are not accountable for the mileage limitations that usually come as part of a lease package. You can enjoy local trips around town or cross-country expeditions based on the amount of travel you prefer.

Another perk of buying your vehicle is enjoying the feeling of accomplishment once your loan gets fully paid. After that, you'll enjoy years of ownership with no payments. You can save the amount you'd normally spend each month or use the amount towards other purchases you hoped to attain.


Is Leasing Your Vehicle Right for You?

Leasing your vehicles is a great way to secure a lower monthly payment. You only pay for the car for the lease term, which lowers your monthly payments, insurance premiums, and proper documentation, such as your title, tag, registration, and license fees.

A lease agreement may be most appropriate if you feel interested in driving the latest vehicles and enjoying state-of-the-art advances in safety, convenience, and performance. This arrangement lets you enjoy the automobile for a few years and then bring it back for a newer model. That way, you will always have access to the latest trends and developments.

Leasing your automobile can make it a simpler experience with your vehicle. The vehicles are brand-new and not likely to require any repairs. You will only be responsible for routine services like changing the oil, changing the filters, rotating the tires, reviewing the fluids, and more. Even the costs of these items may get waived depending on the incentives offered when you set up your lease.

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Our dealership serves drivers from all over the Junction City, KS, area and welcomes all customers to visit our dealership to get a great deal on a new or used car or truck. We understand that every customer has different needs, so we make sure each person gets to drive home knowing they got the most value for their money. Get started on your car shopping from home and apply for financing pre-approval online.